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To keep the word of God central by studying and teaching it to

God's family to serve God through Spirit-empowered ministry;


To Equip the Saints and prepare them for the work of the ministry;


To build up the body of Christ to attain the whole measure of

the fullness of Christ.


We are a community of committed Christians who meet together to fulfil the Great Commission.

We at NHTC believe in teaching the unchanging word of God with an uncompromising commitment and passion. We believe that every child of God is called and commissioned by God to accomplish great things for God.

Commissioned people are those who truly live life with an attitude of "I can make a difference". Therefore, our desire is to inspire every person to reach out and grasp the specific mission God has given them.

We desire to serve God through Spirit-empowered ministry. You will find yourself being challenged and encouraged to have a personal and supernatural encounter with the living God through lively intimate worship and the preaching of God's word. Our motto is "To Become Like Christ", hence we strongly emphasise on living the Christian life practically in everyday life.

The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ was to go and preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. Therefore, we strongly believe in making disciples and equipping the body of Christ to change the world. Our God-given mission will affect and inspire those within our immediate surroundings. We want to create an army of God which would take its God-given responsibility seriously and influence our churches and our local communities and ultimately our world. We like to challenge people to take their place in the United Kingdom and be willing to pay the price to reach their God-given destiny. Our earnest desire is that God would bless you and use you to be a blessing to many. 

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